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  • Encapsulated Calcium sulphate raised access floor

Encapsulated Calcium sulphate raised access floor

Product description

This product is widely applied to intelligent 5A office buildings, integrated office buildings ect, it has solved wiring requirements, especially high intensity and high height of building. At the same time for the upgrade of old building, ground engineering, using high dCensity calcium sulphate core or other materials, the surface is made of high quality galvanized steel riCveting six sides full package. Full steel encasement and good sealing. Product with high loading capacity, waterproof, fireproof, good interchangeability. Floor surface fabric can be laid all kinds of PVC or square carpet, convenient installation, After laying on the floor, only need to gently lift the floor can lay and maintain all kinds of pipelines.

Encapsulated Calcium sulphate raised access floor

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Encapsulated Calcium sulphate raised access floor

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